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Home to a world-class team working on state-of-the-art audio and video gear, LPME studios is renowned to being most premium recording studios in MENA and the world.


Our Story

Being the musical home for numerous regional and international artists from the Middle East and North Africa region, LPME’s humble beginnings started 25 years ago with tape and a single room. Recently, the company has aquired and transformed a complete 30th floor for its dedicated facility, in a Dubai highrise, making it one of the highest studio facilities in the world.


Our Mission

LPME strives to be the leading force in the world of music recording and studios, playing a major pioneering role in the MENA region and its surroundings.

Our vision

LPME looks to develop the music scene in the MENA region, establishing itself as the renowned Dolby Atmos facilities. LPME pledges to be the creative hub of local and international talent, nurturing them and taking them to new heights.

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